XIX International Seminar on Amebiasis 2017, Puebla Puebla, Mex.

Looking forward to see you in the Seminar on Amebiasis 2017 in Puebla. Our best regards.The conference will take place at the Hotel Del Mar which is situated in the cost of Gulf of Mexico. The hotel is only 15 minutes drive from Campeche International Airport “Ing. Alberto Acuña Ongay,” and within easy reach of all of the city's major attractions and business areas. The hotel combines a quiet location and excellent links to the Centre of the City that is 10 minutes waking; is centrally located to visit many of the attractions of this cultural and colonial City, and just a short stroll from the historic city square and garden that is at the heart of old Campeche surrounded by numerous bars, restaurants and cafés. As we mention the hotel is on the edge of the Gulf of Mexico, in front of it just across the avenue is the Malecon were you can make jogging and walking. Hotel Del Mar have welcoming service and modern comfort. Even if is not a luxury hotel because Campeche have not luxury hotels with a large capacity to received big conventions the Hotel del Mar offers all the amenities you need to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. The hotel has a variety of leisure facilities including an equipped fitness center, and a pool. With a choice of dining options located within the hotel Guest rooms. Besides also count with the necessary infrastructure to make our meeting a successful occasion of discussion among participants in a relaxed atmosphere. We hope to have an assistance plenty of enthusiastic young people with new ideas old friends.Dr. Cecilia Ximenez, Dr. Mineko Shibayama, Dr. Jesus Serrano.In advance thank you for your interest in participating on the International Seminar on Amebiasis 2017. If you participate with abstract , you must send the registration form and abstract format at e-mail: seminario.amibiasis@gmail.com, Entamoeba histolytica, Entamoema dispar, Amebiasis workshop, Seminario sobre Amebiasis 2017, Seminar on Amebiasis 2017, International Seminar on Amebiasis 2017, XIX, Campeche, Coferencia sobre amibiasis, Parasitology, Inmulology, Inmulología, Parasitos., Amebiasis, Dra. Cecilia Ximenez Garcia, Dra. Cecilia Ximénez García."XIX International Seminar on Amebiasis 2015, XIX Seminario Internacional sobre Amibiasis Octubre 2017" " XIX international seminar on amebiasis 2017" XIX International Seminar on Amebiasis 2017 October Puebla Mexico, XIX Seminario Internacional sobre Amibiasis Octubre 2017, XIX, Seminario, Internacional, Amebiasis, 2017, Seminar, Amebiasis, International, Campeche, Patology, Inmunology, Cecilia Ximenez, Mineko Shibayama, Jesus Serrano, Dr. Cecilia Ximenez Garcia, Michel Coe, , E. histolytica, E. dispar,  Amebiasis workshop, Amebiasis Home page, Parasitos, Abstract and Posters, Campeche México"Campeche México, Hotel Del Mar"